I grew up in the Midwest, the middle daughter in a pretty amazing and very large extended family. As a child my grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins all lived within a few miles. I am the only blonde in our large (and loud, naturally) Italian family. At age 6, I got my hands on my first camera, a blue-and-yellow Fisher-Price® and later a gray-and-pink Polaroid. I was instantly smitten.


After college I moved west and settled in the mountains. It was on a volunteer trip in rural Africa that my heart found its way back to photography. When I returned to the states I fulfilled a childhood dream of mine and went to photography school in Boston. Then after a few stints in other towns across the country I finally found my way back to those same beautiful mountains.


In all of my travels I have realized it is not the place, but the people that make it home.  I am grateful to have close friends that feel like family living within a few miles of me, just like in my childhood.  For the rest of the important people in my life, they are the type that even though we may not see each other everyday, when we do it is like we were never apart.  And there are always the photographs to look at and reminisce.